Pete Sparks

60 Seconds with…Pete Sparkes

CompAir takes time out with the man behind the UKAHFT National Series and HFT World Championships

How long have you been shooting for, and what got you into HFT?

About 15 years. I started the UKAHFT after being introduced to an HFT competition, and deciding that I wanted something that ran to a different format.

What rifle and scope do you currently use? And how have you got it all set up (e.g. parallax distance, magnification, height of mounts, etc.)

I use an Air Arms S500, EB Sniper scope with Sportsmatch medium mounts, running 10x magnification and parallaxed at 23 yards.

For you, what are the best bits about shooting HFT? Which series or shoots do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy them all but do like the Anglo/American.

And the worst elements of HFT today?

People wanting rule changes to suit themselves and not think of the other shooters.

If you had the final word on how things are run in the HFT world, are there any elements of the sport that you would change? (rules, format, etc.)

Can’t really answer that one as (along with Pete Dutton) I make the decisions

Where do you see our sport going over the next few years?

“The Worlds” was sold out early this year and a lot of regular UKAHFT shooters missed out, so that is one area that definitely needs some thought.

Of the current crop of up-and-coming HFT shooters, who would you tip as the ones to watch over the next few seasons?

Too many to name. If someone puts the time and effort into their game, anyone can be at the top.

What do you wish to achieve in HFT? What are your goals and what ambitions do you have?

I’m not as competitive as I used to be when I was at the top of my game, and hardly practice these days, but as long as I can get the odd win here and there, that will do me.