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BFTA British Championship Roundup

The BFTA British Championship and Inter-regionals is a weekend always welcomed by the FT crowd. Having completed the various regional leagues in near isolation over the winter, it’s a chance for everyone to catch up with mates they’ve not seen for a while, to see how well rivals are shooting, and what new tricks and gear they have up their sleeve for the national season. New for this year was the venue for the weekend’s shooting. Tondu FTC in Wales. The weather however was traditionally Welsh. Windy. And probably wet. Still that prospect didn’t dampen spirits with nearly 100 shooters… Keep Reading

Sergey Zubenko

From Russia with Love: Sergey Zubenko

Us Brits generally think we have a good handle on the FT scene, almost a sense of ownership of it. Along the way though we’ve seen shooters from smaller FT countries, fresh to the sport, take the top honours at the World Championships despite our best efforts. This has raised some eyebrows back in the UK, but then the British shooters travelling abroad perhaps have seen it coming. Jose Redondo shook the scene in 2010 by dropping less than 10 shots out of the 150 over the 3 days for his world title. Unheard of. But in the Euskadi Open… Keep Reading

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