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MarchX 10-60x56 High Master

MarchX 10-60×56 High Master

In January, March announced a whole clutch of new scope models, and one model caught my eye straight away, the 10-60×56 High Master (aka the HM). I’d bought my 10-60×52 7 years ago, and I was keen to see what the differences between the models may be. A quick email off to Gary Costello at March Scopes Europe asking about specs and info was promptly responded to. A 34mm tube, Super ED glass and a new focus mechanism were the new headline features. “I’ve got a pre-production prototype here, want to have a look?”, he said. You know that cliché… Keep Reading

G&E Extreme Buttplates

Grünig & Elmiger Extreme Buttplate Review

The connection between the rifle and your shoulder is critically important; it is a major point of contact that needs to fit both securely and comfortably. Although not an issue for PCP air rifles, it is a crucial factor affecting the recoil of the rifle which inherently impacts on consistent performance and accuracy. Grünig & Elmiger (G&E) is a company based in Switzerland, and is highly regarded amongst shooters across the globe for producing top quality, state of the art products for target shooting. The Extreme is the premium model in a trio of multifunctional high specification butt plates Keep Reading

Falconry in FT – Falcon T50 Review

Compared to plinking in the back garden with a break barrel FT isn’t a cheap sport. There isn’t any getting away from that. As well as all the bits n bobs that shooters forget they’ve purchased along the way, like bacon butties and burgers for instance, the staple diet of a good consistent rifle and a scope that can rangefind is the one that most participants feel is the biggest lump to swallow especially as sometimes a good scope can cost as much or even more than the rifle it sits on. When comparing against other sports at the entry… Keep Reading

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