SARPA Hunter League Round 2

Funny how we all become closet meteorologists in the run up to a shoot, isn’t it? All of us checking our favourite weather websites, hourly forecasts noted, the chance of rain and low temperatures prepared for, Chairgun checked for 10mph winds, out on the range day before in 10mph winds getting the windage dialled in. But no, come the day of the shoot the sun’s out, there’s no wind, and sweaty balls are on the menu.

Anyways enough of this nonsense, we are off to New Kypeside for Round 2 of the SARPA Hunter League. New Kypeside is a small but very enthusiastic club located out in the sticks at Kypeside Fishery. The ground is a bit hard to describe to be honest, a mix of savannah, up the back a bit of pine forest, and a lovely wee field at the bottom with a couple of old trees populated with some metal vermin to be eradicated.

[blockquote align=”none” author=””]All in all, it was a really good, fun shoot – apart from the wet underpants[/blockquote]

You know when you ask someone if they are good at something? The ones that say “Yes” are probably aren’t, the ones that say “No” are generally aren’t either, and then there’s the ones that shrug their shoulders and say “Hey, I’m not bad” with a twinkle in their eye…the same goes for course setters. Peter Denmark when asked about it, shrugged his shoulders, “Hey, we just put targets out” Aye right, some right devious thinking went into some of them targets. The pine forest at the back in particular, where great use of the light and dark areas, proved particularly testing – the “middle finger to the masses” target, waving about in a tree, and not forgetting my bogey target that I missed yet again, the clever little target through a pallet in the field that I just keep mis-ranging! The target next to it was a supported kneeler that looked miles away, obviously at the limits of the new 40 yards ruling; yet the bogey target is at least 10 to 15 yards closer and I still took it for 35 yards…didn’t work last year, didn’t work this year.

All in all, it was a really good, fun shoot – apart from the wet underpants with the weather predictions being awful and the thermals being somewhat redundant.

Sarpa Hunter League
The Open Class winners

Bad news for the course setter – 2 targets pulled; good news for me – 2 extra points! Happy days as I’ve not had a pulled target go my way for a while, and this particular “bonus ball” bumped me into third position in the Open Class. “The Walther Toothless Squad” of Greg Morss (58) and James Hesson (57) picked up first and second places respectively, especially pleasing for James who was out with his new LG400, showing the rifle has coming staright out of the starters gate very well.

Sarpa Hunter League
Brick-lobbers united – the .22 Class winners

In the “Brick Lobbers” (.22) Class, the formidable Nick Hopkinson came first with a very formidable score of 55, with the Deccy duo of Ian Munro (47) and Jim Cavanagh (44) taking the second and third placings.

Sarpa Hunter League
Veterans Class

The Veterans Category was rocked by the renowned Alex “Cross Eye” Cruikshank with a blistering 58, GARC’s Bob Somers showed up the young ‘uns with a 55 for second place, and the New Cali Massive’s Graham Livingstone took third with a 49.



Sarpa Hunter League
Russ Forest shooting, Stuart Gordon standing – and maybe heckling…

The boingers scored well with fresh from the Worlds with the recoiling 1st place trophy Dale Harris scoring 51, but had to flip off with Nick Pye who also had a 51 to take top honours. Martin Morrison climbing the recoil ladder took 3rd with a 44.

Sarpa Hunter League
The victors in the Ladies Class

Honours in the Ladies Class went to New Cali’s Susan King with a 47, Kathleen Male was second on 45, with third place going to Karen “Adele” McBride.

Sarpa Hunter League
The 14 – 16 Junior Class proudly showing off their medals

The Juniors top spot taken by NASGAC’s Neil Ross, with Bedlay’s Conor McSherry and Deccy’s Jamie Burns in second and third places respectively…

Sarpa Hunter League
Open Sight Class

It was a really close-run affair in the Open Sights category, with top spot being taken by Peter Lowe after a shoot-off (an open sight-shoot off!!!) with his Dunfermline team mate Bryan Kerr, whilst Deccy’s Dave Tollan took third place just a single point behind the leaders.

Sarpa Hunter League
Even Ian O’Hara’s shooting jacket bears the Scottish Saltire
Sarpa Hunter League
Steven Jamieson enjoying the day – and trying very hard to blend in with the background

Photo credits: Thanks to Graeme Ross for the winner pics