Scottish HFT Round-up

HFT north of Hadrian’s Wall is really going from strength-to-strength, and CompAir’s John McBam brings you all the very latest goings-on from around the Scottish HFT circuit.

Up here in Scotland we have two major leagues, the SARPA Hunter league and the UKAHFT affiliated league (UKAL). The UKAL league has been run for the last two years very successfully by Stuart Webb, and kicks off its third season with a visit to the ground at Cloybank Estates, with the Cloybank Phoenix Club playing host to Round 1.

Scottish HFT
Sam Meneely making the most of the fine weather, and trying hard not to over-do things

The UKAL is a very hotly contested league, especially as selection for the Scottish National Squad for the HFT World Championships is based on success over the best 6 rounds of the season. So all the top shots came out to play at Round 1, with a goodly amount of pressure to come straight out of the gates and put in a cracking performance.

[blockquote align=”none” author=””]Kenny really pulled out all the stops,  and you could see the thought and time taken to put out this cracker of a course[/blockquote]

Cloybank’s ground a bit of a bogey venue for a lot of folk; it’s definitely up there as a contender for the most challenging course in Scotland for wind – it always seems to be windy and it always seems to be coming from different directions at the same time, especially so for Round 1 when the area used for the course was around the circumference a hill. On the plus side though, the sun had got his hat on for the day and some of the more hardy souls even braved t-shirts. Summer…in March…in Scotland…should be snow by June, I reckon.

Scottish HFT
Phil Godwin wanting to know if doggy style is an approved HFT position

The course had been laid out by Phoenix’s Kenny Bird, another “virgin course-builder” this year, but this was in no way a beginner’s course; the natural lie of the land and the changing wind directions can readily turn an easy course into a difficult one, but Kenny had really pulled out all the stops,  and you could really see the thought and time taken to put out this cracker of a course. You’d have thought that most Scottish HFT shooters had nits, what with all the head-scratching that was going on, and maybe liberal a dose of Tourette’s with expletives galore (even the infamous “Yer dogs got tits” was heard to have gotten a mention or two!)

Scottish HFT
Despite the sunshine, Bill Kerr was taking no chances with the weather

So, once again a fine challenge, one that proved to be a solid warm-up for what was rightly expected to be a “windy Worlds” at Kelmarsh a few weeks later.

Birthday boy David Burns from Dechmont ARPC rose to the challenge and stormed into top place with a very convincing 55, closely followed by Juniper Green’s Nick Hopkinson and Cumbria’s Mark Wilson with 54 apiece.

Scottish HFT
Brian ‘Shug’ Connelly – a legend in his own lunchtime

The team event saw the mighty Grampian ARC once again flexing their collective muscles and taking the top slot, showing they will be the force to be reckoned with this year, with Dechmont ARPC in second place, and the New Cali Massive in third.

Scottish HFT
Always a dab hand with those unsupported kneelers, Gordon Burns takes aim.
Scottish HFT
A study of absolute concentration,Tony Dobbie giving his supported stander shot full attention

UKAL Rd 1 2016 Scores

Tollan David 47 22
Mcdowall Alan 42 22
McVeigh Andy 42 22
Fraser Steve 39 22
Cameron Colin 38 22
Mcgill Mark 30 22
McSherry Connor 39 Junior
Burns Jamie 38 Junior
Barclay Pamela 42 ladies
Burns David 55 Open
Hopkinson Nick 54 Open
Wilson Mark 54 Open
Carter David 52 Open
Fleming John 52 Open
Morss Greg 52 Open
Webb Stuart 52 Open
Thomson Grant 51 Open
McNab Lee 50 Open
Scott David 50 Open
Burns Gordon 49 Open
Hesson James 49 Open
Cavanagh Jim 48 Open
Munro Ian 46 Open
Bird Alex 45 Open
Kerr Gary 45 Open
Bird Kenny 44 Open
Ross Graeme 44 Open
Webster Graham 44 Open
Wishart David 44 Open
Downie Gordon 42 Open
Robertson Scott 42 Open
Dobbie Tony 40 Open
Barnfarther Dale 39 Open
Meneely Sam 38 Open
Fleming Tommy 37 Open
Sims Scott 36 Open
Pearson John 26 Open
Harris Dale 44 recoil
Gordon Stuart 42 recoil
Noble Chris 41 recoil
Arnold Steve 40 recoil
Morrison Martin 40 recoil
Nelson Jim 40 recoil
Connelly Brian 38 recoil
Mc Alasdair 38 recoil
Steven Derek 36 recoil
McVeigh William 31 recoil
Murry Lee 29 recoil
Cruickshank Alex 51 Vet
Kerr Bill 49 Vet
McNab Sandy 48 Vet
Livingstone Graham 47 Vet
Fordyce Fred 41 Vet